Liverpool in the Champions League – help or hindrance?

Liverpool are leading the fight in a four-way race for two spots in the Champions League, but what could this mean for Liverpool?

Here’s a list of my Pro’s and Con’s:


  • It will help Liverpool to sign star players this summer for the first time since Fernando Torres, arguably our last star signing.
  • It will help negotiating the contracts of current players at the club, as all good players want to compete in the Champions League, the best cup competition in club football.
  • It means that they will be on TV every week, which is good because it means fans have a greater chance of watching them and because it should have positive financial implications for Liverpool.
  • The increased air time on TV adds to potential marketing opportunities for Liverpool, who can expand their brand across the world.



  • It means Liverpool will be forced to spend money and sign players in order to increase depth in the squad as well as improve the average quality of players as the Champions League is the best competition to compete in in the world.
  • It adds at least 6 (8 if we come 4th in the table) extra fixtures to the season, meaning that players could become fatigued, especially if you consider Klopp’s gegenpressing system.
  • History shows (Leicester City 15/16, Chelsea 16/17, Liverpool 13/14) that Champions League hinders performance in the Premier League, meaning if Liverpool want to challenge for the title they should not be in the Champions League
  • The Champions League means players would go across Europe and that travel (i.e. to Rostov/Shakhtar) could tire players.

Overall I believe the Champions League is where Liverpool belongs, as much of its rich history stems from victories from the late 70s, early 80s and for Liverpool to be back there, would be amazing from a fans point-of-view.

Elliot Lee


Henderson CL


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